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Kiepe Việt Nam

Limit switch Kiepe HER 606

92.064 544.606 Công tắc giới hạn hành trình Kiepe

Limit Switch HER Kiepe

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The Kiepe limit switch HER made of aluminum alloy has been designed for a maximum of safe operation under severe conditions to become installed in any bulk handling system (e.g. in open pit mines). All external parts are either of stainless steel or have been specially plated. The trip points – both preset at 10° – can be adjusted between 5° and 35°.


The roller lever with ball bearing is infinitely adjustable on the shaft. The positive making switching elements are cam operated. The self-cleaning of the contacts by mechanical grinding allows the use in low voltage applications (PLC- or BUS-control)

Robust Limit Switches Kiepe

There are many limit switches and sensors on the market, but only a few of them are designed for use under harsh conditions. Mechanical limit switches are used for position monitoring of flexible machine parts.

Đại lý Kiepe Việt Nam

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 Name Part number Model code  Part number
HER 606 Kiepe Việt Nam 92.064 544.606 PEA2-2S-E1 10190
SLR 606 Nhà phân phối Kiepe 92.067 323.606 PED2-2S-E1  


Công tắc hành trình HER Kiepe



 Gruppe Endschalter

Kiepe Limit Switches are force-fit, electromechanic switches with positive breaking contacts in solid, robust design. 

They are available in various enclosure variants and with different actuating levers.





Công tắc hành trình Kiepe HER 606